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Estonian Dental Hygienist Association in collaboration with the Unit of Estonian Dentist are carrying out for two years the health promotion project "Children's dental health."
Last years project activities are available online at

To work out effective and continuous system to promote dental health in Estonia, we created a county based network last year (in Estonia there are 15 counties), which is built by dental hygienists whom we call coordinators of oral health.

Different lectures about dental health for health promotion experts, kindergarten teachers, nurses, parents took place throughout last year (2011) in every county. There also was counseling for children in several kindergartens. Numerically there was involved 4698 people. At, that was only opened in September of 2011, has monthly approximately 1500 unique visits. There are oral health thematic cartoons of Bunny Juss that are very popular among children. Since December of 2011 the cartoons have been watched more than 300 000 times.

The purpose of this letter is to invite different organisations, who care about the health of children teeth, to collaborate with us. We propose an idea to initiate cooperation between companies who afford oral care products and counties’ social advisors to provide children of indigent families with elementary oral hygiene tools (toothpaste, dental floss).

From the feedback of last year’s workshops appeared a sad fact that in Estonia there are some unprivileged families that are hard up on oral hygiene tools. There are families where children do not have a toothbrush at all or share just one with the whole family!

To help the children of those families we would like to piece out packages of elementary oral care tools that have at least toothbrush, paste and something else tooth-friendly in them. We are looking for generous donations to put that kind of packages together.

To find out the extent of need and the delivering of the packages for orphans and indigent families we collaborate with counties’ social advisors who have the adequate database.

Just in case, we must emphasise that our project team does not want to attract people with goodies to come to our workshops and counseling. In the future, the collaboration could work without the mediation of the project team.

Today and hopefully also in the future we compose and design educational materials and publication of oral health. We are willing to add the trademarks of the organisations who help us on our publications. For example we need help with covering the printing expenses of last year’s coloring books. We are also willing to exhibit the logo of our sponsor at workshops.

In return for supporting us we promise to reflect the logos and trademarks of the sponsors positively in media and on the website.

We look forward to Your reply to the conceptions above. If You are interested in participating then we kindly ask You to name the type of products, the amount and the period of time that You are willing to support us so we can take Your contribution into consideration.

The Unit of Estonian Dentist have opened a bank account 221054504975 in Swedbank especially for the project "Children's dental health." In case you decide to make a donation please add the following as the explanation of the transfer: “Purpose: BRIGHT SMILE OF CHILDREN”.

Let’s give bright smiles to all children in Estonia!

Looking forward to Your reply
On the behalf of the project team of "Children's dental health."

Laili Lutsar
President on Estonian Dental Hygienist Association

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